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Hemorrhoids Symptoms And How To Treat

Obat Wasir Ambeien Alami Paling Manjur
Paling mujarab untuk pengobatan wasir ambeien, membantu mengecilkan benjolan di anus mengurangi rasa sakit akibat wasir.

Hemorrhoids Symptoms And How To Treat

Hemorrhoids can affect anyone. In medical language, also known as haemorrhoids hemorrhoids. Generally, the disease attacks people aged about 50 years. Experts explain that hemorrhoids happen because of the swelling of blood vessels in the anus and rectum. Typically, this condition is caused by several things. One of them descendants.


Factors Disease Hemorrhoids

However, there are also other trigger factors that can lead to hemorrhoids. Ranging from constipation, frequent heavy lifting, as well as less fiber diet during program execution.

Experts also claim, food allergies, carelessness physical activity can also lead to hemorrhoids. Just as the causes, hemorrhoids also have a variety of symptoms.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

However, generally hemorrhoid sufferers experience blood clots or lumps around the anus, bleeding during bowel movements, irritation in the anal area, until the urge to defecate either sitting or standing.

Preferably, these symptoms are not ignored. The experts also suggested that immediately went to consult a doctor. Because the left hemorrhoids can cause other diseases. Such as chronic blood loss, tissue death, to colon cancer.

Prevention of Hemorrhoids

1. Perform a healthy and balanced diet with fibrous foods, this is to avoid constipation because if it happens, then someone will be prone to hemorrhoids. Constipation cause irritation and inflammation of the walls of the anus for feces (droppings / faeces) out with a bang.
2. Increase the amount of fluid intake by drinking in moderation. But do not drink alcoholic beverages
3. Keep the area around the anus to avoid infection.
4. Adjust your diet so that it becomes a regular bowel movement.
5. Do not sit too long
6. Avoid spicy food consumption
7. Eat fruits

treating Hemorrhoids

How to treat hemorrhoids naturally you can do by consuming herbal medicinal products Ambe Joss De Nature.




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