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Herpes Treatment Using Herbs

Obat Herpes Alami Paling Manjur
Paling mujarab untuk pengobatan Herpes Basah Kering, Gatal Alergi Kadas Kudis Kurap Koreng dan Penyakit Gatal Kulit Lain

Herpes Treatment Using Herbs

Actually, how the treatment of shingles that?

We need to know that herpes zoster is an infectious disease caused by a virus. This virus not only affects the skin but also the neural network according to the location of the skin involvement. Therefore, in addition to the blisters on the skin, herpes zoster will cause tremendous pain as burning, pain such as tingling, and sometimes tingling


Cause Herpes
In accordance with the cause, then this is the main shingles drug that is not only quick cure but also can prevent complications. However, it must be adapted to how long the herpes appears. Because antivirus is only effective if used during the first 72 hours since it appeared herpes. Unfortunately you did not mention how many days you experience it.

Herpes Treatment

Since there is already broken, then that needs to be done now is to maintain the cleanliness of the affected skin areas sering2 do not touch it let alone scratched. Fluid from the shards do not let the others to prevent transmission moreover avoid too close to pregnant women, people with weak immune system, and those who have never had chicken pox. In addition to taking medication herpes zoster given by the doctor, eat nutritious food so that the immune system strong, and be patient waiting for a cure with an average of 2-5 weeks. Usually the pain is felt when the blisters on the skin has healed, so always consult with your treating physician.

Herpes prevention
To avoid diseases such as herpes is not to wear clothing that is dirty , always eat food that is nutritious and healthy , avoiding excessive sexual intercourse , avoid using towels or soap with others . Regular exercise so that the body is always healthy and protected from the virus .

Herpes treatment

To treat herpes you can buy products from our proven and experienced. Safe because it is clinically proven and medically licensed Department of Health and BPOM . De Nature Our product has many uses and succeed in treatment.




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