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How To Treat Shingles Is The Best

Obat Herpes Alami Paling Manjur
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How To Treat Shingles Is The Best

Shingles is another name for shingles or chickenpox is a disease caused by the varicella virus-zoster.Setelah someone had chickenpox, the varicella-zoster virus will remain in a state of dormant (inactive or latent) in one or more ganglia (nerve center) posterior.Apabila someone has decreased cellular immunity, the virus can reactivate and spread through the peripheral nerves to the skin, causing skin diseases zoster.Di herpes, the virus will multiply (multiplication) and forming a small pimple red, filled with fluid, and bulging in the area about skin traversed tersebut.Herper zoster virus tends to strike the elderly and patients with immunosuppressive diseases (weak immune system) such as patients with AIDS, leukemia, lupus, and lymphoma.


Symptoms of Herpes Zoster

At the beginning of the viral infection, the patient will suffer pain, burning, and skin becomes sensitive for a few days to a week. The cause of the acute pain that is difficult to detect if a rash (red nodules on the skin) has not yet appeared. Shingles rash began to emerge from the blisters (blister) on the basis of a small red leather with other blisters continue to appear within 3-5 days. Blisters or red nodule will arise following the nerves of the spinal cord and form a ribbon-like pattern on the skin area. The spread of the rash resembles a beam (ray-like) called dermatomal pattern. Nodule will appear at all or only a portion of the neural pathways involved. Typically, only one nerve is involved, but in some cases may be more than one nerve involved terlibat.Bintil or blisters will burst and watery, then the surrounding areas will harden and begin to heal. These symptoms will occur within 3-4 weeks. In rare cases, the rash does not appear but only pain.

Treating Herpes Zoster

Treatment of herpes zoster consists of three main points, namely the treatment of acute viral infections, the treatment of acute pain associated with the disease, and the prevention of post-herpetic neuralgia. With herbs from De Nature that has been clinically tested and medically definitely be healed.




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