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Medicine Pregnancy Natural Whitish Cheapest

Medicine Pregnancy Natural Whitish Cheapest

Perhaps many are wondering, vaginal discharge during pregnancy it is something normal or hazardous, especially for pregnant women before pregnancy are not white. Before answering this question, first you should know that when a pregnancy a woman’s body undergone many changes, including changes in the female sex organs, in this case the liquid that comes out of the birth canal or whitish.


Understanding Whitish

In a previous article titled, Whitish, normal or disease? has been little discussed about vaginal discharge in pregnant women, it has been explained that the whitish fluid that is normal there will be more during pregnancy. this happens because Increased hormones and blood supply in the body, and on the eve of the end of pregnancy, when the baby’s head presses the cervix, it can be very heavy vaginal discharge (much). Illustration of pregnant women during pregnancy Discharge The somewhat normal when colored translucent whitish liquid-white, odorless, and no heat, no itching. Probably will appear yellow when they are dry on underwear. If whitish fluid during pregnancy is not the case, then the suspicion of abnormal discharge (abnormal, disease).

handling Whitish

Therefore, contact your doctor, if If you suspect an infection of the vagina. Whitish while pregnant itchy, hot / burning, redness, or swelling in the genital area. Neyri taste when you urinate. Whitish color during pregnancy such as cottage cheese or bleed. Whitish fluid during pregnancy yellow / green or gray fetid or fishy odor. Never use drugs are sold freely or treat yourself whitish when pregnant, always consult with your doctor, because it feared these drugs are harmful to your pregnancy. If vaginal discharge during pregnancy occurs, do the following to prevent infection and to stay comfortable: Wear cotton clothing to keep the vaginal area dry. Avoid tights and stockings. Keeping the pubic area is kept clean. After defecation, ceboklah by means wipe from front to back to prevent bacteria from the anus does not enter the vagina. Avoid toilet tissue, feminine sprays, bath foam, and panty liners that contain fragrances (perfume).

Treatment Discharge

To treat vaginal discharge for women who are young or are pregnant can be treated by consuming natural products De Nature. Queen Rapet is very effective to cope with and treat excessive vaginal discharge. Products from De Nature has been proven medically and clinically so safe because it has MOH license and BPOM




To buy herbal medicinal whitish Queen Rapet of De Nature way quite as easy as adding a PIN BBM or WhatsApp drawn. After the confirmation immediately to make purchases.

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