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Medicine Whitish Women Overrated

Medicine Whitish Women Overrated

Whitish the secretion cycles experienced by all women from children to the elderly. If excessive vaginal discharge has become a problem for the experience vaginal discharge because it would lead to a dangerous disease. Therefore, here I will explain how to identify excessive vaginal discharge and how to treat it.


Symptoms Whitish

If the excessive vaginal discharge comes like symptoms

Whitish discharge that many exceeded menstruation
Foul-smelling liquid and the color of pus
When the fluid out effect of vaginal itching
The vagina becomes hot when discharge

How To Medicine And Prevent

To overcome the problem of vaginal discharge should keep the body always fit and clean. Such as eating yogurt, milk, and healthy foods free of alcohol and fatty foods. To prevent the occurrence of discharge is often care for feminine area of dirt. Do not have intercourse too freely or partners.

Treating Whitish

If this happens whiteness and can not be stopped immediately see a doctor to check the disease. Do not do outside of medical treatment or taking medications that there are no permits Department of Health and BPOM. We provide a solution with De Nature potent drug and has DEPKES and BPOM.




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