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Tips for Treating Whitish Naturally

Tips for Treating Whitish Naturally
Whitish (flour albus) is the excess fluid that comes out of the vagina. Whitish can be physiologic (normal) but can also be pathological (due to illness). And whitish knows no age limit. From children to parents would experience vaginal discharge but for those who experience excessive vaginal discharge will make a problem. Though vaginal discharge can not be taken lightly, as a result of this whiteness can be very fatal if slow addressed. Not only can lead to infertility and pregnancy outside the womb, vaginal discharge can also be an early symptom of cervical cancer, which can lead to death. What exactly is that white? Like what characteristics? And how to prevent it?
Cause Pathological Whitish
That causes infection by bacteria, fungi, or protozoa
Cervical cancer malignancy
Foreign object in the vagina (eg, condoms left)
How to Prevent Whitish
Maintain the cleanliness of the vaginal area
Rinsing the vagina in the right way
Do not like exchange-exchange panties underware along with other female friends
Do not use the same towel (like exchange-exchange towels)
More careful – careful in using public toilet facilities
Live a healthy lifestyle, getting enough sleep, exercise regularly, eat foods with balanced nutrition
Avoid mutually exchange pairs in touch
For women who are already doing a conjugal relationship, every year should do the Pap smear to detect the temperament of the cells in the mouth and cervix.
To note that this is the whitish
How to correct vaginal rinse, after exhausted after defecation or urination, you should rinse the vagina from front to back toward the anus.
Whitish physiological (normal), its features, such as mucus clear mucus, not itchy and does not smell.
Whitish pathologic (due to illness), its features, the color of the mucus is not clear anymore but white as cream, can be yellow-green or brownish, and even the redness due to the presence of blood. Usually accompanied by intense itching, and there was an odor that accompanies it.


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