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Treating Hemorrhoids Without Surgery

Obat Wasir Ambeien Alami Paling Manjur
Paling mujarab untuk pengobatan wasir ambeien, membantu mengecilkan benjolan di anus mengurangi rasa sakit akibat wasir.

Treating Hemorrhoids Without Surgery
Disease hemorrhoids or piles are swelling or inflammation of blood vessels around the anus and lower rectum. The characteristics of hemorrhoids hemorrhoid disease not only give pain to the sufferer, but also gives a sense of inferiority or shame because this penyakt suffer.
Hemorrhoids Symptoms And Feature 
Symptoms or characteristics of the early emergence of hemorrhoids or piles on the mark with pain during bowel movements or their pain when defecating. initially harmless, but if on leave continuously, hemorrhoids will form a lump around the anus. and these bumps will continue to grow. so the time after that. BAB will be accompanied by a discharge of blood from the anus.
Symptoms of hemorrhoids or piles seccara common characteristic feature is divided into two types, internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. for internal hemorrhoids symptoms are marked with painless rectal bleeding while external hemorrhoids may show few symptoms or if exposed thrombosis there will be significant pain and swelling in the anal area. Many people mistakenly assume all the symptoms that appear around the anus and rectum area as “hemorrhoids” and that a serious cause these symptoms should be excluded. While the actual cause of hemorrhoids is not known, a number of factors that increase intra-abdominal pressure, particularly constipation, is believed to have contributed to the development of this condition.

Disease Level Hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids Stage 1: the bulge is still small and has not come out. Symptoms of blood dripping after each bowel movement.
Hemorrhoids Stage 2: the bulge is out with a medium size. With symptoms if completed defecation, bulge outward, but will go back when the person is standing.
Hemorrhoids Stage 3: the size of the bulge has been greater. Symptoms defecate bulge out and will not go again unless pushed by hand.
Hemorrhoids Stage 4: the bulge has been a tennis ball. This protrusion can not get back though it was driven and had surgery. In external hemorrhoids, skin already cover the blood vessels and are outside the anus up easily visible. Common symptoms of external hemorrhoids is pain or pain due to a ruptured blood vessel. Broken blood does not come out yet assembled into a thrombus or a blood clot.
Hemorrhoid sufferers should not eat foods that are too spicy or hot, also should not eat fatty foods because fatty foods does lead to constipation. Eat fruits da vegetables and foods containing lots as well as bread, wheat, cereals, nuts.
Avoid consuming alcohol and often drink water and fruits that contain lots of water to avoid dehydration
patients should not withhold or too tense when defecating. It is necessary to regularly defecate.
Control the intake of salt because excess salt can cause dehirasi that make hemorrhoids recur
Avoid taking painkillers containing codeine
Runtin exercise to help reduce constipation and improve muscle strength and can maintain weight
Hemorrhoid sufferers should not be too long sitting or standing.
Should not be too often lifting a heavy burden, especially the burden beyond our capacity because it could be a major trigger hemorrhoids to recur


Ambe Joss treatment of hemorrhoids with Joss, is now in use by many patients with hemorrhoids. and now it’s your turn to treat hemorrhoids with this herbal remedy. Following the experiences of patients who are already using drugs hemorrhoids hemorrhoids Ambe Joss of de nature:
To Treat Hemorrhoids Stage 1 (still light) Simply by using a capsule Ambe Joss
To Treat Hemorrhoids Stadium 2-4 (severe hemorrhoid, Hemorrhoid already out) for hemorrhoid which is already out the best treatment is the treatment of the inside and from the outside. From inside the capsule Ambe Joss hemorrhoids and external use ointment Ambe Joss

Joss Ambe to purchase medicine from De Nature way quite as easy as adding contacts Pin BBM or WhatsApp above. Then immediately confirm that your illness immediately

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