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Type Discharge and Treatment Naturally

Type Discharge and Treatment Naturally

Women `tamu` arrival each month (menstruation). However, before or afterwards usually accompanied by vaginal discharge. Of discharge from the vagina that can notify you whether it is normal or not.


Carol Livoti, MD, a Obgyn of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York said, will explain the types of vaginal discharge that is often experienced by women as quoted by Cosmopolitan, Monday (06/03/2013):

1. Bening

Elastic mucosa resembles raw egg white is actually normal. Fluids such as these will appear at the beginning of your cycle until ovulation. It’s sticky and help pull the sperm into your uterus.

2. white milk

Again, this type of fluid is completely healthy. From the middle to the end of the monthly cycle, the fluid becomes like a cream, as a result of the release of progesterone.

Quality thick your cervix can hinder sperm trapped inside. If you take the pill, you will creamy liquid all the time.

3. As the cottage cheese

White liquid blob-shaped can indicate a yeast infection. Because fungi like the warm, dark, moist environments, and anything that makes you sweat V zones.

If you are prone to fungal infections, avoid wearing synthetic tights and leggings, exercise without a shower afterwards, and left a wet swimsuit for hours. Antibiotics can also be a trigger because it can kill the good bacteria in the vagina that makes the yeast, the consumption of probiotics to reverse the effect.

4. There was blood in it
Spotting between menstrual periods are very common when you are on the pill. There is a brown liquid after your period. This is due to dried blood.

If there is blood in the vaginal discharge, do not worry. If it continually visit your gynecologist in order to choose another contraceptive. Besides doctors can also see the possibility of polyps, fibroids, cervical inflammation and infection.

If you do not take the pill, try to check in case you leave the tampon. Then call your doctor to test your condition.

5. yellow liquid

Besides odorless, does Miss V you itch, pain, or odor? If so, consult a gynecologist. This could be because of gonorrhea, chlamydia, or pelvic infection.

Note, the colors you see on your underwear is not necessarily the color of your fluid due to oxidation and change color due to the air. If your pants look yellow but clear or milky liquid, do not panic.

6. Green grayish and frothy

In addition to the liquid that looks strange, bacterial vaginosis can be accompanied by a fishy smell and a burning sensation. It’s common, mild infection is easily treated with prescription creams or pills. Although you are not comfortable, you will feel better in a few days.

7. It is thicker than normal

Fluid overload is a side effect of IUDs, vaginal irritation can produce more fluids.

If the zone vaginal itching, probably due to fungal infection. Another common cause of thick liquid is pregnancy. The amount of fluid you vary from month to month, depending on the balance of hormones.

How to Treat Naturally

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