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Understanding and Treatment Gout

Understanding and Treatment Gout

Of the various kinds of diseases caused by lifestyle, gout is a disease that is now starting to get much attention. Because, uric acid is no longer identified with a disease that only attacks the elderly, because young people 30s had already started many who show symptoms of the disease. Disease which is also called gouty arthritis is caused by buildup of uric acid levels in the blood that could not be removed by the kidneys.


Uric acid comes from purine metabolism result, a kind of protein sources come from animal products and beverages that contain alcohol. Purine in small amounts beneficial to the body’s metabolism, but purine in large quantities would result in a buildup of uric acid levels that can not be released by the body so we are stricken with gout. Consider the people who are young have been attacked by gout; they are generally used to consume foods with excessive levels of purines without the balance with the food sources of other nutrients.

Can cure Gout Without Medicine?
The goal of treatment of gout is not actually spending levels of purines in the body at all, but rather reduce it down to the normal range and maintain it in a reasonable amount until no longer interfere with the function of the body. For severe gout, the doctor will usually prescribe drugs while suggesting lifestyle and a healthy diet. However, when you just feel the severity of the symptoms, you should try to heal itself by making lifestyle modifications.
How to? The principle is easy: do not let purine accumulate in your body to not be removed by the kidneys! Here are some ways to cure gout without having to see a doctor or a prescription in advance:
Reduce the types of foods that contain purine. Food is usually a source of animal protein such as shrimp, crab, egg yolks, beef, lamb and pork, chicken, brains and viscera. If you want to eat a protein source, consume pure protein such as egg white, vegetable protein, and protein is a source of essential fatty acids such as salmon and tuna.
Expand to eat foods that can aid digestion and circulation process, for example, foods that contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Fresh vegetables and fruit are good candidates for the daily diet for gout sufferers.
Drink lots of water, about 2 liters per day or even more severe when the uric acid-moderate severity. This can help to expedite the activities of the kidneys and bladder so that more wasted purine substances from the body.
Balance a healthy diet with exercise to further dissolve and remove uric acid from the body. If you feel pain, do not force do strenuous exercise; try lifting light weights, yoga, walking or cycling slowly, and do it consistently every week.




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