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Understanding and Treatment Hemorrhoid Disease

Obat Wasir Ambeien Alami Paling Manjur
Paling mujarab untuk pengobatan wasir ambeien, membantu mengecilkan benjolan di anus mengurangi rasa sakit akibat wasir.

Understanding and Treatment Hemorrhoid Disease
One sign sign hemorrhoid disease / hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids) is a discharge of blood after discharge during defecation. Hemorrhoid actually a lot going on in society but mostly without symptoms (symptomatic mild, causing sufferers are reluctant or lazy to consult a doctor). Anal every person there is a network of blood vessels that much. As a result of circumstances or particular influence led to the insistence and pressure on blood vessels increases. If after the break, it will cause bleeding.

Hemorrhoid Disease Causes

1. The diet is not good, which is low in fiber (fiber normally found in many vegetables, fruits and grains) causes the stool or feces hard and requires straining during bowel movements.
2. The habit of sitting long causing interruption of blood flow around the anus / rectum as well as increased pressure in the abdomen. Similarly, the trumpeter or custom heavy lifting can increase the pressure in the abdominal cavity resulting in enlargement of the veins of the anus.
3. Pregnancy can make women get hemorrhoids or the hemorrhoid symptoms improved after giving birth.

Hemorrhoid Disease Type

There are 2 types of diseases hemorrhoid / piles (hemorrhoids), namely internal and external. The difference lies in the position of the origin of blood vessels to dilate, and the tissue that lines the blood vessels. In disease hemorrhoid / piles (hemorrhoids) internal, blood vessels originating from the area a bit of the anus where there are no sensory nerve fibers so that the symptoms of hemorrhoids is no pain even if accompanied by pendarah as the case diatas.Ambeien / piles (hemorrhoids) is classified within 4 degrees, namely
1. Degree 1: there is swelling of the mucous membranes of the anus with or without bleeding, but no bulging veins out of the anus.
2. Grade 2: going prolap (protrusion) when pushing and went back spontaneously.
3. Grade 3: going prolap and to reenter need a helping hand to push it.
4. Degree of 4: prolap happened can not be inserted.

As for the external hemorrhoids come from more areas outside where there is also a sensory nerve fibers that arise pain symptoms are sometimes very great. This pain occurs due to blood clots (thrombosis) and usually get better within 7-10 days.

How To Overcome And Treating Hemorrhoids
Treatment of diseases hemorrhoid / piles (hemorrhoids) is given if it gives symptoms and complaints that reduce the quality of life. Treatment consists of conservative medical and surgical. Medical treatment consists of non-pharmacological and pharmacological. Non-pharmacological treatment such as changing your diet in the form of increasing the intake of high-fiber foods such as vegetables – saruran, fruits and drink plenty. Changing habits is not as good as sitting too long during bowel movements or to learn and work. It is recommended during defecation in the squatting position and proceed with the anus soak in warm water for 10-15 minutes to relax the tense and stiff muscles around the anus. Patients are also encouraged to frequently standing or walking. While pharmacological treatments (drugs) include laxatives (laxative) to facilitate discharge, pain and anti-inflammatory (inflammation) as well as topical medications containing local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory.



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