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Whitish Treating Pregnant Women

Whitish Treating Pregnant Women

Whitish or fluor albus is a process of a liquid out of your feminine area is somewhat abnormal. Whitish is common in women who are pregnant because of changes hormones and blood flow in the uterus area and also the area of femininity, which may result in increased secretion processes in the area of femininity.


The hormonal changes can also alter the balance on the acidity of your feminine area, which will cause the growth of fungi that turn into irritation. In general secretion in normal feminine area that does not cause itching. Meanwhile whitish been infected usually accompanied by itching, pain, heat and redness, even up accompanied by pain when urinating. Apart from that if the discharge is not resolved then it could be easily transmitted directly to your baby when labor will then be transmitted back to the nursing mothers ensued mastitis, or inflammation of the breast nipple too.

Cause Whitish
Actually, the cause of the problem in this female area, usually occurs when the pregnancy is still very young and almost similar to some other causes of vaginal discharge. The most common cause of vaginal discharge is a problem with the cleanliness of the area of femininity. Whitish itself there are physiological (normal) and there is also a pathological (abnormal). If the discharge is in normal circumstances, the fluid emitted tend clear also odorless and does not cause itching. In contrast with the whiteness itself pathological, fluid emitted by your feminine area will emit an odor, itchy on the area of femininity, also will porch pain when urinating. The color of the liquid itself over the green.

Symptoms Whitish

Most women who are pregnant are not too complain of symptoms of vaginal discharge in misery. This could happen because he was not bothered. But if this continues on leave continuously, the discharge can harm your pregnancy. Not only that whiteness can also lead to premature labor. Whitish during pregnancy can lead to rupture of the membranes away prematurely.

Overcoming Whitish

To overcome vaginal discharge during pregnancy you can meakuakan following ways:

1. You should avoid the use of dirty water when you wash the area of femininity, especially also we use a public toilet.

2. Always use underwear made of cotton other than that avoid the use underwear made of synthetic hindaari too tight pants.

3. You should not overuse panty liner on a daily basis. Panty liners can make your feminine area becomes moist.

4. Immediately replace your underwear when it was very humid.
5. Clean regularly feminine area from the front to the rear when finished urinating and large. This can help you reduce the risk of contamination of microorganisms in the urinary tract and anal sacs.

6. We recommend that you reduce sugary foods are also all contain a lot of caffeine.

7. Before you buy drugs, you should consult together with your obstetrician or midwife. Eat a whitish drugs prescribed by doctors.

8. Once after a bath make sure your feminine area is completely dry. You can use a clean towel to dry it out and it’s good you do not use tissues with fragrances.

9. Avoid using soap feminine area.

Treating Whitish

For the treatment of vaginal discharge you can buy Vagina Super Stick products from De Nature or Queen Rapet. Drug we sell have MOH and BPOM so it is definitely medically tested safe for consumption.




To buy medicine natural whiteness of De Nature way quite as easy as adding a PIN BBM or WhatsApp above. Then immediately do a transaction.

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